Mother's day brunch in a box

Past Events | December 11, 2022

We know that moms love to enjoy a delicious brunch on Mother's Day. 

The Chef offers you a complete table that will satisfy your favorite mom! A gourmet and decadent box perfect to satisfy the appetite of 2 people.



jarslberg cheese puff omelette
duck bacon - peppers - green onions - fried kale

broccoli and cauliflower salad
praline nuts - bacon - red onions - cranberries
creamy maple vinaigrette

tuscan style gemelli salad
peppers - cucumbers - radishes - arugula
kalamata olives - sundried tomato and caper dressing

spring grills
pork loin with garlic
lamb sausage with herbs and dijon mustard 
vegetable giardiniera - onion compote with black pepper
marinated mustard seeds

codfish accras
pimento cheese mayonnaise

stuffed potato skins
potato and mushroom mousseline
parmesan snow and fried onions 

homemade muffins
lemon and poppy seeds - blueberries and maple chips


strawberry and rhubarb jam
toasted country bread